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A) Life Metaphysics

These are systematic approaches which give a good knowledge of your life blueprint. Armed with a better understanding of your strength and weaknesses, you are able to steer towards your goals more efficiently.

B) Energy Work

There are essentially two main courses: SSR and Crystal Healing. Through different levels of attunements coupled with many guided practices, your energy level and awareness will be greatly enhanced as you grow in this ultimate healing journey.

C) Occult Arts

Occult arts such as Tarot, Colour Equilibrium, Runes as well as Tree of Life are able to guide us to reach the most sacred places of our consciousness and sub-consciousness.

D) Body Works

Our body is the temple of god. We achieve oneness through the unity of inner and outer world.

E) Other

Life is full of surprises. Treat such classes that are not within a specific category be a gift!

F) Events

These are organized to give you an opportunity to have a quick knowledge of the course content, getting to know the teachers as well as the environment of Heliosphere.

(Though most courses are conducted in Chinese, we are open to teach the classes in English, be it online or classroom environment. In fact, some classes are already conducted in English online.)

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