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BaZi Entry Level

BaZi (literally Eight Characters in Chinese) (click here for a sample BaZi chart) is an ancient Chinese metaphysics that has stood the test of times and remains valid till today. This is because its degree of accuracy has proven repeatedly to be extremely high and relevant through the years. However, the incomprehensible Chinese classical text and different interpretations make BaZi challenging and difficult for most people. For this reason, this ancient study is easily being stereotyped as something beyond reach.

It is by pure coincidence that Danny Chu chanced upon this ancient Chinese knowledge after his encounter of a heart attack. On the other hand, his teacher has given substantial voluntarily sponsorship to monasteries in return for direct access and transmission, from the monks, of some rare & hardly accessible text. Under constant practices and continuous in-depth studies, Danny has grasped the understanding, techniques, principles and logic of BaZi metaphysics. With this accumulated knowledge and experience, he has organized and put them together in the BaZi course to share with his students.

Through Danny’s unique teaching, BaZi is being presented into a comprehensible & interesting study; a practical knowledge that you can relate to and apply in your daily life.
You may be facing with some uncertainties in your life or wondering about repeated coincidences. Once you begin your lesson in this BaZi Entry Level, all these questions will be duly transformed into life’s ah-ha moments! And the secrets to decode your life destiny are all embedded within these eight characters!

Course content:

5 elements & 10 heavenly stems
12 zodiac signs & 12 earthly branches
  • Productive, weakening & controlling cycles of the 5 elements
  • Symbolic representation of each heavenly stem and its attributes
    For example:
    If your Day Master is Bing (one of the 10 heavenly stems), the symbolic representation is the sun. That is to say the person has to be like the sun ie he or she cannot be too slim and preferably round in appearance etc. The time of his or her birth is also important as nobody sees the sun after sunset hour.
  • Introduction of the 10 gods.
  • Friend / Rob Wealth
    Eating God / Hurting Officer
    Direct Wealth / Indirect wealth
    Direct Officer / 7 Killings
    Direct Resource / Indirect Resource
  • Understanding the roles & attributes represented by the 10 gods.
  • Heavenly stems and its corresponding 10 gods with reference to the Day Master
  • Heavenly stems and earthly branches interactions
  • Relationships with family, friends & working colleagues
  • Knowing your favorable elements

  • Marriage
  • What do you look for in a potential match
  • Interaction and development after marriage
  • Finding long lasting relationship

  • Relationship
  • Interaction between partner, family members, colleagues and boss

  • Children
  • Will your children take care of you in old age
  • Your chemistry with your children
  • Peach Blossom
    Determining when is your peach blossom
    Singles are able to predict when the right one will come along;
    Married couples are able to avoid martial affairs.

    BaZi Decode
  • The basic fundamentals of reading a chart

  • Organizer: Heliosphere & Qi New Age Healing
    Facilitator: Mahadev (Click to view facilitator’s profile)
    Venue: Qi New Age Healing, 42 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198896
    Language: English
    12 Jul Thurs 7pm to 9.30pm
    13 Jul Fri 7pm to 9.30pm
    15 Jul Sun 10.30am to 4.30pm

    Total duration of 10 hours
    Fee: S$500 (Confirmation upon payment)

    How to register:

    Step 1
    Send us an email and indicate your name, contact number and preferred payment mode. Email: admin@heliosphere.biz or Qinewagehealing@gmail.com

    Payment mode:
    (a) Cash – cash payment at Qi New Age Healing (address as indicated)
    (b) Bank transfer – we will send you an invoice with the bank transfer details
    (c) Paypal – we will send you a PayPal invoice to enable you to pay by credit card

    Step 2
    We will acknowledge payment received. In addition, we need the following information from you:
    (a) Name
    (b) Gender (Male or Female)
    (c) Date & time of birth (eg 25th December 1978, 1528pm or 3:28pm)
    (d) Place of birth (eg San Jose, California, USA or Taipei, Taiwan or Singapore)


    • This course is conducted in Singapore (2018)
    • Class will be conducted mainly in English. However, please let us know your proficiency in Chinese. For those who are foreign to the Chinese characters, I will formulate the corresponding pinyin that you can easily follow along.
    • Minimum 3 students to start this course



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