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2018 Earth Dog 戊戌 Year

As 2017 Fire Rooster year draws to a close, the Earth Dog 戊戌 year will commence next year 2018 in the beginning of spring 4th February during the Rabbit hour (5-7am). We are probably going to ask – what should we be expecting in 2018?

In the study of Chinese Metaphysical BaZi, the heavenly stems 戊 (wu) belongs to the earth element while the earthly branches 戌 (xu) corresponds to the 12 zodiac signs of the dog. As such, 2018 is known as the year of the Earth Dog.

The heavenly stems 戊 (wu) is also a yang earth element with an imagery of a mountain. Similarly, the hidden stems of the earthly branches 戌 (xu) has another yang earth element 戊 (wu). In this Earth Dog 戊戌 year, we are thus challenged by the scenario of one mountain after another obstructing our path, which has basically set the tone for next year. However, fret not! There are still other aspects and possibilities that this 2018 Earth Dog has in store. Let us continue to analyze further.

The earthly branches 戌 (xu) belongs to the Autumn Trinity of the zodiac signs ie Monkey (申), Rooster (酉) and Dog (戌). In this group, the Dog (戌) represents the ending of the autumn season which is about to turn into winter. This implies that we can expect paradigm shift and unexpected changes next year which may not necessarily mean totally negative. This would be a good time to capitalize on such energy to get rid of bad habits (such as smoking) or think outside the box to remove conventional methods and implement new changes.

Earth Dog 戊戌 (wu xu) has 3 hidden stems ie 戊 yang earth (Friend star), 辛 yin metal (Hurting Office star) and 丁 yin fire (Direct Resource star). The Earth Dog 戊戌 (wu xu) is said to be a mountain with hidden minerals that attracts miners wanting to excavate this mountain for its treasure.

If we were to describe Earth Dog 戊戌 (wu xu) as a person, he or she would be someone who is charismatic and charming. Many people are drawn to them due to their good interpersonal relationship. However, they can also be sensitive and petty. Being suspicious, it is quite easy for them to pick up a fight and strain relationship. Thus, we can expect much emotional fluctuation and mood swing next year which cause inner struggles and anxieties.

Perhaps some of you may have already started to sense this energy and start to question why do you have to deal with all these and whether it is worth the effort to continue. Such inner struggles can affect our relationship and interaction with others. Latent problems that were ignored or issues that weren’t handled appropriately will rightfully surface and highlighted in 2018.

As I have described earlier that Earth Dog 戊戌 (wu xu) is a mineral mountain that attracts excavations, their mundane life is like a battlefield, handling all sorts of inner and outer struggles. However, as they accustomed themselves to such challenges, these pressures actually spur them on to perform better and better. This would be the kind of steadfast and immovable attitude that we need to adopt, like the characteristics of a mountain, to approach the situations next year. It is not ideal to be rash and impulsive. Otherwise we will be crying over spilt milk.

In the 5 Elements Cycle of Destruction presentation, there is a relationship of wood controls earth. We can borrow this controlling relationship and learn from the qualities of wood element to handle the earth element in 2018. The characteristics of wood element include being flexible, keeping motivated and having empathy for others.

There is a wise Chinese saying that if you can’t move the mountain, build a road around it. If you can’t build the road, change your path. If you can’t even change the path, transform your mind. This would be a good spirit to remind ourselves in 2018. You could take a break to calm down your mind or consider changing your approach. Don’t quibble on trivial matters and neglect your objectives.

BaZi annual chart of the Earth Dog year:
Water Rabbit 癸卯 (gui mao) – Hour Pillar
Fire Rabbit 丁卯 (ding mao) – Day Pillar
Wood Tiger 甲寅 (jia yin) – Month Pillar
Earth Dog 戊戌 (wu xu) – Year Pillar

The earth, wood and fire elements in the BaZi annual chart of the Earth Dog year are strong. The industries which include property market, educational system, spiritual & holistic studies will be favorable. As the water and metal elements are relatively weak, it is a good idea to exercise more next year. This will keep our mind more agile and at the same time detoxify our body system to maintain good health.

Water Dragon 壬辰 (ren chen) as Day Master:
There is a Heaven Counter Earth Clash formation in year 2018. This formation indicates a negative emotional impact in aspect of career, financial and relationship. They would need more patience and determination to overcome such challenges next year.

Earth Dog 戊戌 (wu xu) Day Master:
This is known as the Heaven and Earth Unity or Fu Yin (伏吟) formation. Individual has to be extra careful as they may face some painful or tragic events. If it is serious, such sad event could lead to depression. Those with Earth Dog 戊戌 (wu xu) in their chart, especially Month Pillar, may also face similar situation.

Water Rabbit 癸卯 (gui mao) Day Master:
Congratulation! Individual has a Heaven and Earth Combine which is the most desirable formation next year. There will be positive influence or impact in career and relationship. Those who are single would probably meet a potential partner. The possibility of getting married is high. Work wise, they will have many partnership opportunities or could meet useful assistance and support from others.

Yang Water 壬 (ren) Day Master will face more obvious pressure and challenges in 2018 which probably come from their own high standard and expectation. It could also due to obstacles from others or external circumstances.

Last but not least, those with Dragon 辰 (chen) in their BaZi chart would also need to be cautious. Generally speaking, if there is a Dragon 辰 (chen) in your Year Pillar, you have to take note of health; in your Month Pillar, family; in your Day Pillar, relationship; and in your Hour Pillar, children or work.

Heliosphere Holistic Centre would like to present our sincere wishes and heartfelt thoughts that you have a wonderful 2018 Earth Dog year filled with wealth, health and happiness!

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By Danny Chu (Dec 2017)

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