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SSR Level One

Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki (SSR) is a trinity of three related, yet unique, sacred energies (Sekhem, Seichim and Reiki) that are integrated and worked together to achieve equilibrium in your energy system.

This introductory SSR Level 1 course gives you an orientation of this healing matrix. The class includes SSR Facet I attunement that empowers you to channel SSR energy for a lifetime. Through this first level of attunement, the Sekhem symbol (Heart of the Chritos) is being activated. This opens the lotus petals of your heart chakra and stimulates an ongoing process of balancing your physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well as unifying & refining all polarities within various levels of your being.

SSR brings forth the high frequency energies from the Source of ALL LOVE to your body and subtle energy system. This energy cleanses & purifies your energy blockages, life hindrances & negative karmic imprints and thus allowing the divine Christ consciousness & awareness to shroud your life in holographic manner which gives a glimpse of the divine love. Through such connection with the Source of ALL LOVE, you are able to face & accept yourself from a macroscopic universal perspective.

The essence of Sekhem energy is harmony, calmness and grounding. In the healing matrix of Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki, Sekhem unifies the contrasting Seichim & Reiki, which created a diversified broad spectrum. Sekhem’s facilitation of such unification has unanimously brought upon the union of heaven & earth, light & darkness, love & fear. In this vast level of the Source of ALL LOVE, there is no separation between the Creator and the creation; both have become one.

Under the guidance of Higher Self, adequate Sekhem energy flow in the SSR high energy matrix will support your development, integration, improvement and balance in all levels and thus produces optimum healing effects! The learning process of SSR, receiving the attunement & empowerment, and steady broadening of the central light column, also enables grounding of the SSR energy which settles within your cells. This allows your connection with the Source of ALL LOVE to be greatly enhanced.

In this course, we will take 12 hours to receive & immerse ourselves in the sacred SSR energy flow. Everyone, including those without any prior knowledge of energy healing, is welcome to join us.

Upon completion, you will be issued with a certificate for your participation and graduated as SSR I Practitioner! You are able to practice healing yourself and others. In addition, should you wish to further pursue SSR learning, the fee paid can be deducted from the SSR ALL LOVE Practitioner course fee.

Suitable candidates:

  • Interested party with no prior experience or learning
  • Trying to cope with the wounds in life and wish to embark on a healing journey
  • Wish to deepen the understanding and concept of energy healing
  • Wish to tap on SSR as a catalyst to accelerate one’s spiritual development
  • Have learned other types of energy healing and wish to improve on one’s techniques and strength
  • Wish to become a full-time or part-time energy worker and at the same time properly cultivate one’s spiritual abilities

Organizer: Heliosphere & Qi New Age Healing
Facilitator: Diamond (Click to view facilitator’s profile)
Venue: Qi New Age Healing, 42 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198896
Language: English
To be confirmed
Total duration of 12 hours
Fee: S$550 (Confirmation upon payment)

How to register:

Step 1
Send us an email and indicate your name, contact number and preferred payment mode. Email: admin@heliosphere.biz or Qinewagehealing@gmail.com

Payment mode:
(a) Cash – cash payment at Qi New Age Healing (address as indicated)
(b) Bank transfer – we will send you an invoice with the bank transfer details
(c) Paypal – we will send you a PayPal invoice to enable you to pay by credit card

Step 2
We will acknowledge payment received. In addition, we need the following information from you:
(a) Name (also the name to be reflected in the certificate)
(b) Gender (Male or Female)
(c) Contact number


  • This course is conducted in Singapore (2018)
  • Class will be conducted mainly in English. However, please let us know your proficiency in Chinese.
  • Minimum 4 students to start this course.

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